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Hi there! Welcome to my little corner of the web. I use this place mostly to share and talk about the things I care about. I hope you enjoy your stay, and thanks for visiting! :)

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Site last updated 1.15.2022

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About Me

More info about me! (Including links in case you'd like to contact me.)

The Faron Spring

My Legend of Zelda fansite. Find my theories, ideas, hopes, etc., preserved rare content, and more.

Writing Corner

The hub for my writing. Find all my work here!

Mixed Media Zone

A gallery of my mixed media artwork, including commission information, personal comments and extra pictures.

Music Room

Where I talk about music. Find my concert logs and curated library of books, sites, etc. related to music.

Interest Pages



Misc Pages

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2021 Diary decorative star New entry for Dec. 25.


Breath of the Wild Sequel (E3 2021 Trailer) decorative star Major update with changes to most sections and a whole new section on Vaati!


Horror for Kids decorative star Unfinished but public so I can get input from others; please let me know if you have any recommendations!

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