About Me

Hi! I'm Jillian, writer, mixed media artist, journalism school grad, holder of the Triforce of Courage, pretty rave girl, wayward son, final girl, and all-around fun guy. My biggest interests are writing, Legend of Zelda, music, media studies, mixed media, and toys and plushies.

I've been with my wonderful partner Lilith(outgoing link) since May 29, 2016!

A photo of me, an androgynous white person with autistic body language and a fun tropical fish buttonup, smiling visibly even under a mask.

24 years old

Oregon (occupied(outgoing link) Kalapuya land(outgoing link))

they/them(outgoing link) - ae/aer(outgoing link) - friends and family may also use she/her and he/him

butch dyke lesbianchronically illchronic fatigue blinkieautism acceptance blinkiegendersilly blinkietrans 4 trans blinkie

Links / Contact

You can follow me on Backloggd(outgoing link), Bandcamp(outgoing link), Goodreads(outgoing link), Letterboxd(outgoing link), MyAnimeList(outgoing link), RateYourMusic(outgoing link), Serializd(outgoing link), Soundcloud(outgoing link), Tumblr(outgoing link), Twitch(outgoing link), and Twitter(outgoing link).

You can support my work monetarily with one-time tips on Ko-fi(outgoing link) or by subscribing to my Patreon(outgoing link) if you'd like. Email is the best way to contact me about my work. Please direct that kind of correspondence to jillian.caulfield79 @ gmail.com(outgoing link) (no spaces).

For any site issues or comments, you can comment on my NeoCities profile(outgoing link) or send an ask on Tumblr(outgoing link).


Jill no offense but you're the epitome of that comic of the really cute girl listening to her headphones then it turns out its shit like Pantera
 - Aalto

Green tee with yellow Hyrulean crest next to tan cargo short

you have the same vibes as the triforce shirt cargo shorts(outgoing link) kid in middle school who you just knew wasn't cishet
 - Erika

the only [Panty & Stocking] fan i respect
 - Erika

online marketplace photo of a suit with a very tacky all-over Mario character print

jill i think ur the only person in the world who i think could pull this off
 - Xander

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