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Horror & Me

I inherited my love of horror from my mom, who always watched a lot of horror movies with me! But I also grew to love it by sharing it with friends, getting excited about the really riveting stuff and just goofing around with the sillier stuff at sleepovers in high school. Here's to you, Clock Tower 2: The Struggle Within.

Today my tastes in horror are very diverse. I absolutely adore complex, "smart" horror that makes you think and/or gets you really invested -- "meta slasher" is my favorite horror film genre, if that tells you anything. But I also love camp, cheese and lightheartedness on its own fun merits, and I don't think it automatically makes movies or games less good, thought-provoking or interesting. In fact, I think people are way too quick to dismiss budget/amateur stuff as just funny-bad because it's budget/amateur. But I also love having fun with legitimately so-bad-it's-good horror, too. (Personally, though, I'm not into stuff that's really exploitative or really gross/gory/fucked-up for shock.)

"That was too close...You were almost a Jill Sandwich!"

Barry Burton (Resident Evil, 1996)

This site is named after a well-known line from the English localization of the first Resident Evil game, in which female protagonist Jill Valentine narrowly escapes a trap room that would crush her.

I chose it because I'm also named Jill, and early Resident Evil is quite special to me! :)


Favorites and Recommendations

Favorite and other recommended horror works!

Horror For Kids

A curated list of horror kids' media.


Coming soon!

Curated content I recommend related to horror (books, sites, videos, etc.) on a variety of topics (lore, analysis, critique, history, fandom, and more). This page gathers up everything recommended and linked around ...Almost a Jill Sandwich! and puts it all in one place with a simple sorting system.