Rubyfire's Supernatural All Killer No Filler List

Season 1

Ep. 1


Rating? ★★★★ — Watch? Absolutely

The pilot is a strong introduction to the show's world, characters, tensions, and basic monster-of-the-week format, and provides the catalyst to the first five seasons' overarching plot, making it both a natural and compelling place to start.

Things to know: Woman characters will continue to be written two-dimensionally and/or be treated at times as plot devices through which to develop male characters. (It's something the show's known for.)

Ep. 2


Rating? ★★★★ — Watch? Yes (if comfortable)

Things to know: Possible cultural appropriation. The episode prominently features a certain being from the traditional folklore of some Algonquian-speaking Native American and First Nations groups which, due to the cultural taboo surrounding acknowledging it, may make some viewers uncomfortable.

Ep. 4

"Phantom Traveler"

Rating? ★★★★½ — Watch? Absolutely