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I work across a variety of mediums, driven by two things: a passionate interest in the ways art and people interact -- what social contexts art is created in, reflects, and shapes, and what meaning it can have in our lives -- and a desire to explore and express complicated, sometimes abstract emotions and experiences.

In all things, I am informed by my experiences with love, gender, sexuality, class, disability, neurodiversity, trauma, healing, and others' art.


I write media and cultural analysis and critique, personal essays, poetry, fiction, and more. I also dabble in documentation work.

Stylistically, my prose is informed by a love of poetry and expressionism, and my fiction by a lifelong love affair with genre fiction. My more formal nonfiction and documentation work is bolstered by my journalism degree, and the music and media studies classes I dove into while pursuing it.

Mixed Media

I create mixed media art that transforms and explores abstract emotions and experiences through a focus on composition, color, texture, and mood, frequently using collected items and snippets of evocative language.

I work both traditionally, using paper, glue, stickers, paint, crayon, beads, glitter, found items, and more, and digitally, using digital approximations of physical materials as well as uniquely digital effects and photography.


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Blue Backspace(outgoing link)
Online arts and entertainment writing space I founded in 2016 and run with my longtime friend Quint Iverson.

RateYourMusic(outgoing link)
Online music database and community. I write reviews and create lists, sometimes formal and sometimes casual, and contribute to the genre database there.