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My Work


Writing is and always has been my greatest calling. I am deeply passionate about the ways art and people interact -- the social contexts art is created in, reflects, addresses, and shapes, and what meaning it can have to our lives -- and this is my primary focus. However, I also write to work through and express my own experiences, contribute to art documentation and preservation efforts, and create meaningful, enriching narratives. I am highly influenced in my prose work by my background in poetry and abstract art, in my nonfiction work by my background in fantasy and science fiction, and in all things by my experiences with gender, sexuality, class, disability, neurodiversity, trauma, healing, and love, a desire to connect with others, and how deeply I have been affected by art in my life. I am also bolstered by the training I received as a journalism student at the University of Oregon, for which I now hold a bachelor of arts, and the media and music studies classes that I dove into while I was there.

In practice, this means I write media and cultural analysis and critique, personal essays, poetry, fiction, and blends of these approaches, as well as occasionally documenting works, artists, scenes, etc. I am familiar with and able to.

Mixed Media

I create expressive mixed media artwork traditionally (using paper, glue, stickers, paints, crayon, cardboard, plastics, fabric, beads, sequins, confetti, glitter, tape, and more) and digitally (using digital approximations of physical materials as well as uniquely digital effects and photography). My works transform and express abstract emotions, largely eschewing coherent and concrete figures and locations and focusing more on composition, color and texture, and frequently incorporate snippets of evocative written language. I am inspired by a wide variety of visual art forms, from GameCube/PlayStation2 era video game graphics to urban exploration photography to high fantasy novel covers to moe anime art.


Music is a fairly new creative pursuit for me, and as such I have little to publicly show for it. However, my private experiments have been particularly centered around my fascination with electronic dance music, particularly rave revival, and incorporate an almost collage-like approach informed by my omnivorous listening habits, preference for heterogenous and dense sound design, and eclectic approach to style perhaps best demonstrated in my visual art.

Policies Around My Work

I believe derivative and transformative works are natural, creative, and worthwhile, and should be allowed so long as they are done in good faith with consideration for their impact. Feel free to remix my work so long as you aren't lifting things wholesale, are providing credit where credit is due, and aren't being a dick or a weirdo. It's hard to define this -- just try to be considerate of me and my work, and reach out if you aren't sure! Please let me know when you do remix my work; I'd love to see it! (For the record, I am explicitly not okay with my work being used for anything related to/including hate speech, harassment, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, morally dubious or violent sexual content, or extreme violence/gore. Also, don't try to profit off my work.)