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About Me

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About The Webmaster

Hi! I'm Jillian. I'm a 22 year old white gendersilly (nonbinary) butch lesbian, arts and culture writer, and disabled leftist from the Eugene, Oregon area (occupied Kalapuya land). I love love, art, kindness and having fun.

I have a ton of interests, but my biggest interests are writing, Legend of Zelda, music, media studies, mixed media, and toys and plushies!

I've been with my wonderful partner Yuri since May 29, 2016, and my other wonderful partner Cel since December 26, 2020! decorative heart gif

A photo of me smiling visibly even under a mask


  • English
  • Deutsch (aber ich kann nicht super -- gedulden Sie sich, bitte schön!)

Preferred Language

My pronouns:

Other stuff:

  • Gender neutral nouns and feminine nouns that establish relationships (sister, daughter, girlfriend, etc.) are ok for anyone to use
  • The nickname "Jill," feminine nouns that outright state gender (woman, girl, etc.), and masculine nouns used in a playful non-literal way (boyfriend, dad, cowboy, etc.) are okay for friends and family to use
  • Do not refer to me as enby, queer (unless you're my friend and LGBT yourself) or femme

Frequently asked questions:


Jill no offense but you're the epitome of that comic of the really cute girl listening to her headphones then it turns out its shit like Pantera
 - Aalto

you have the same vibes as the triforce shirt cargo shorts kid in middle school who you just knew wasn't cishet
 - Erika