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Old Usernames and Profiles

Personal Site

Site to host my original fiction projects. Used 2013-(?)


rubyfire77 Decorative star

Used 2014-(?)


zeldawave Decorative star

Used 2017-18


rubyfire77 Decorative star

Used 2016-21


rubyfire77 Decorative star

Used 2012-14


zeldawave Decorative star

Previous usernames on this account include gamecubekid. Used (?)-2020


rubyfire77 Decorative star

Used 2012-14


zeldawave Decorative star

Previous usernames here include gamecubekid


leekspinrubyfire Decorative star

Used 2012-14


rubyfire77 Decorative star

Previous usernames on this account include gamecubejill, gamecubekid, zeldawavejill. Used 2013-16


Drawing blog


Photography blog

Note: Links marked with a star are still live as of my last check.

More Without Info

More abandoned stuff that I can't/haven't yet found anything for. This is largely stuff that's completely gone, but I want to mention these just out of sentimentality. The games and other silly sites I spent a lot of time on, and have fond memories of.

Bonus Vintage Images

Curly Brace superimposed over the old lesbian flag

This was my icon for the longest time on Tumblr! The pride flag here is the old lesbian flag, the one modified from the lipstick lesbian flag before the pink and orange flag created by Emily Gwen largely replaced it within the community.

A screenshot of my comments on something 9 years ago. I say, 'There are some cool Nom Nom Nom remixes / techno / trance / dubstep / club / rave / other magical music genres out there [...] Wait a second, is there much of a difference between club and rave? And the different kinds of step? Either way, they all sound pretty cool XD'

This screenshot is of an ancient comment I made on Scratch. This was 2012ish. This image, while goofy, is really telling about a certain point in the development of my tastes -- this is right when I was discovering EDM, and feels almost predictive of how I'd end up diving headlong into thinking on genre.