Site Credits

I absolutely could not have made this website without W3Schools and its information on HTML, CSS and the occasional JavaScript script. It was a vital resource for me to learn HTML beyond the extremely rudimentary stuff.

I owe an enormous debt to the users of GeoCities and other old-web sites that displayed not just incredible and inspiring personal expression, but also enormous optimism about what the internet could do, something the modern internet -- with big tech's algorithms and the ways they've encouraged toxic behaviors (towards others and ourselves) and extreme radicalization, stripped as much personal style as possible from platforms, and largely tried to control how we use the web and thus how we engage with the world and each other in the name of profit -- had almost sucked out of me. And of course, a huge thank you to the Internet Archive for keeping all that wonder alive.

The web is still ours. We can still make it what we want it to be!

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Sourced Images

Gifs created by triforce-princess:

Seeking More Source Info

Old-web images found unsourced on archived GeoCities sites and GifCities. Their age and how they were circulated makes them really hard to pin down, as much as I've tried.

If you have any info about these, please let me know!

Other Images

Other images on this site, which are not mentioned here or created by me, are (or should all be) unedited screenshots, renders, sprites or packaging from games, films, official trailers etc., sourced from wiki, database and reporting websites. (Sources should be clear from context.)

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