My Fursona

My fursona is a wolpertinger, essentially a jackalope with fangs (though other wolpertingers have more/crazier variations). They have pawpads even though rabbits don't. They look like they're frosted with strawberry drizzle and sprinkles. If you'd like to draw them, do whatever you'd like with their horn shape/size, and don't fret too much about the placement or density of their "frosting"/"drizzle"/"sprinkles"!

I'm only very very casually involved in the furry fandom -- I just think it's fun to have a fursona!

Reference Sheets

Fursona reference sheet, March 8, 2021

Current ref sheet. Base by CrayCafe.

Fursona reference sheet, August 3, 2020

Older ref sheet. Base by PaleCradle.

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Other Images

Commission from Pawberry.

Gift from TrashPoison.

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Old Fursona

My original fursona, which I designed in 2015 and proceeded to do nothing with. I still like having them around, even if I don't really use them these days.

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