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Music has been one of my biggest interests for a long time now! I'm always trying to listen to more music and expand my horizons, and I've come to love music of all kinds. (I do tend to favor electronic dance music and "weird" pop, though!) I'm interested in musicology, particularly the development of and interactions between genres/scenes and the way we (people) and music interact and affect each other.

I love to collect CDs! I'm still in the process of adding my collection to this site, but hopefully I can show them off soon. (I'm also a notorious MP3 hoarder, though that's less applicable for this site.)

Live shows of all kinds are very hard on my body but I really love them, too. Outside of the "usual" concert experience, I have experience with the Eugene house show punk scene. I'm a raver at heart, but my experience with raves is still minimal, unfortunately -- as soon as COVID is more under control, I'm going to be keeping an eye out for more.



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RateYourMusic (aka Sonemic) is where I keep track of my CD collection and backlog, catalog the stuff I listen to, make cool lists (recs, scenes and playlists) and write casually about music! RYM is also just one of my favorite online communities in general -- it's where I've found a ton of cool new music.

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