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The Faron Spring is my Legend of Zelda fansite. I love to talk about and share Zelda stuff of all kinds, so you'll find a bunch of different stuff here!

Legend of Zelda has been my biggest interest for 15 years now! I started with Wind Waker when I was about five. Then it was Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask on Collector's Edition for the Gamecube, then eventually Four Swords Adventures and Twilight Princess. I've been hopelessly hooked since then. These games, which I played a ton of with my little sister growing up, are especially important to me, and are an immense comfort to me over a decade later. I also have really fond memories of a little Zelda "comic club" I was part of in middle school and, in high school, playing through Four Swords with my friends on 3DS at our little lunchroom table. The series has become very meaningful in my personal life.

I like to soak up information about the series as much as possible, and poring over little details and connections (even potential) and conceptualizing future (or even "definitely never happening but god wouldn't it be cool") developments in the series delights me! I already live for what's there, of course -- but I also live for "weird" Zelda, Zelda media that tries something really new while retaining that same spirit.

anime-styled illustration of classic Link with Zelda clinging to him

A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage.
  - Hero's Shade

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Preservation Pages

Zelda content I've preserved.

Thoughts Pages

Theories, predictions, ideas, hopes and general Zelda thoughts fleshed out.


Pages that have become outdated or debunked, saved for posterity. For thoughts on upcoming games, content that is still relevant will be ported to a new page (as well as remaining on its archive) with each significant update.

Other Pages

Legend of Zelda Comic Club

A page dedicated to a Zelda-based friend group I was a part of in middle school (2009-2012ish).


Zelda-related books, sites, etc. to check out.

My Zelda Stuff Elsewhere

More of my pages elsewhere related to Zelda.

Zelda music recommendations

Zelda Tumblr blog

Favorite Games

Twilight Princess box art Wind Waker box art

Twilight Princess

Wind Waker

Others I Really Like

Age of Calamity box art

Age of Calamity

Breath of the Wild box art

Breath of the Wild

Cadence of Hyrule boz art

Cadence of Hyrule

Four Swords Adventures box art

Four Swords Adventures

Hyrule Warriors box art

Hyrule Warriors

Majora's Mask box art

Majora's Mask

Ocarina of Time box art

Ocarina of Time

Skyward Sword art

Skyward Sword

Favorite Characters

gif of Link with a fairy landing on his head


Link is my favorite character of all time, to say the least. I consider Link my oldest friend, other than my little sister. Legend of Zelda has kept me afloat through... a lot, and Link has always been there for me ever since I was a little kid, and we've gone on so many adventures together. He means a lot to me.

(Something you may be aware if if you've known me long enough is that I had a long-standing crush on Link into my teen years. Now that I'm not a kid like Link, that's changed, of course, but it is funny.)

gif of Malon singing


Malon also gets a special highlight. I don't know what it is about her, but she's become a little bit of a favorite for me. Her Ocarina of Time appearance is my favorite, since that's where she's fleshed out most. She hasn't shown up in a game for a while, but I hope one day she'll show back up!

Favorite Ships

Link and Malon pose together


(Link + Malon)

gif of Midna defending Zelda


(Midna + Zelda)

gif of Zelda and Link smiling at each other

Skyward Sword Zelink

(Link + Zelda)

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