Classic Link and Zelda in chibi style holding pieces of the Triforce

Legend of Zelda Comic Club

The Legend of Zelda Comic Club (LOZCC) was an informal group of friends I was a part of in middle school that was largely centered around Legend of Zelda and drawing comics. We developed our own extensive fan lore for the series, several fan characters, and continuous stories and running jokes involving our self-inserts within the LOZCC universe.

Classic Link in chibi style reading a map

Lore and Jokes

Button Transformation

Within the LOZCC universe, a button existed in our "real world" setting that could be used to transform me, A, B and C into our associated characters, and Cucco and Fluffy into their animal forms in any setting. This was usually done for comedic effect.

Extra Triforces

Within the LOZCC universe, we split up the empty part in the middle of the Triforce with its own sort of mini joke Triforce pieces.



My friend / her self-insert. Associated with Zelda and the Triforce of Wisdom.


My friend / his self-insert. Associated with Ganon and the Triforce of Power.


My friend / his self-insert. Associated with Fluffy and the Triforce of Love.


A cucco-gjinka fan character created by A. Associated with the Triforce of Hunger. He also has a cucco form he can transform into.


A fan character created by C. Associated with C and the Triforce of Love. She also has a cat form she can transform into. Her human form was very inspired by Tokyo Mew Mew.


Me / my self-insert. Associated with Link and the Triforce of Courage.


A Gerudo fan character created by A. Associated with the Triforce of Beauty. She does not have any separate forms as far as I can remember. A created a series of Zelda fan comics separate from the LOZCC universe called "The Valley of Sand," detailing Rupee's childhood and the years before Ocarina of Time in which Ganon grew to power among the Gerudo.

* Not the person's real name -- censored for privacy.


Hopefully coming soon -- what I do have left from these years is packed up at my parents' house. In the future, though, this spot will hopefully have the comics and drawings I do have from this little club!

Under construction.

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