Weekly Roundups:
July 2021

July 19, 2021

ethereal plane (large body of water) (windowshopping, 2021)

"Inside the Rise of Amapiano, the Genre That's Taking Over South Africa and Coming to a Dance Floor Near You" (Mankaprr Conteh for Rolling Stone, 2021)

"Kosmopolit" (Russkaja on No One is Illegal, 2019)

Liquid Colors (CFCF, 2019)

Lost City Archives Vol 2 (Coco Bryce, 2020)

Nostalgic Nintendo Beats (Bknapp, 2019)

It's true, I'm a sucker for those "lazy" sample-based tracks that enhance a nostalgic and mellow atmosphere. They get a lot of flak, but I think that they can elevate already-good tracks even more when done right.


Plus, Also, Too (Scrawl, 1987)

Recommended to me by my friend April, who described it as proto-riot grrrl. Really great stuff!! It's hard to imagine that this was made in the 80s in Ohio. My favorites are "I Can't Relax" and "Sad."

"Porter Robinson: Ego Death" (Sophie Walker for The Line of Best Fit, 2020)

"So You Think You're The Main Character" (Amy Zimmerman for Electric Literature, 2021)

This piece meanders through a lot of (interesting and related) points about the fuzzy borders of autofiction. What stood out to me most was the point that it's now harder to obscure the line between fiction and autofiction now as a writer because so much our lives is publicly findable:

Readers don't need to wait for, or be limited to, an author's disclosures. They can compare any writer's work to their feeds [...] What was once a choice [...] feels increasingly inevitable [...] In a post-privacy world, we're all writing autofiction, whether we like it or not.

This has actually been on my mind a lot lately as I contemplate writing a horror game. The idea of people making assumptions about me and some of my very deeply personal experiences from my work is stressful. Even if I'm channeling my trauma in a work and that's stated, that doesn't mean the public has the right to try to map details onto my life from it. And even if my online presence doesn't lend itself to this, will a culture of assuming we know people disproportionately more than we do based on what they share cause this to happen anyway?

July 26, 2021

Dream Jungle (Golden Boy, 2021)

Fateful Findings (dir. Neil Breen, 2013)

Man, what a weird movie. We watched this with friends at a sleepover this weekend (very grownup, I know) and it felt like a fever dream. I saw that some people call it the next Room, but it feels more Wiseau-Lynchian than pure Wiseau. It always intrigues me how sometimes low budget dramas directed by people convinced of their works' seriousness and perfection accidentally feel like masterclasses in writing surreal, dream-like films. A funny but also very interesting time.

"'I'm Sorry, But It's Too Late': Alabama Doctor on Treating Unvaccinated, Dying COVID Patients" (Dennis Pillion for AL.com, 2021)

This one is kind of rough one, but impactful. It's easy to brush off anti-vaxxers as stupid, and while I can't help but feel that way pretty often given how much they endanger others, it's also really heartbreaking to remember that many of these people are just... people trying their best to make the right decision with what information (and fears) they have. As Dr. Brytney Cobia writes,

They cry. And they tell me they didn't know. They thought it was a hoax. They though it was political. They thought because they had a certain blood type or a certain skin color they wouldn't get as sick. They though it was 'just the flu'. But they were wrong. And they wish they could go back. But they can't.

"Legend of Zelda: Sheik (Retro Studios) [Wii - Cancelled Concept]" (monokoma for Unseen64, 2021)

A nice writeup on the cancelled Sheik Wii game that was back in gaming news this week after its name resurfaced in a recent Nintendo leak.

"mGBA Integration: Introducing the Integrated GBA" (JMC47 on the Dolphin Emulator blog, 2021)

Another big moment in a huge week for game preservation. The world's best-loved GameCube emulator can now more simply emulate GCN-GBA connectivity. This opens up a ton of possibilities, as I'm sure anyone that grew up playing the GameCube will remember -- there is so much content locked behind this feature that was previously very difficult to access in an emulator.

Newly-available direct footage from Earthbound 64 Spaceworld demo

In incredible news, direct footage from the lost Earthbound 64 project's Spaceworld demo has been obtained!!

PSY2K (Meganeko x Shirobon, 2021)

I actually wrote about this one, if you want to read my thoughts on it!

"P.T.'s Hidden Meaning" (TheGrateDebate, 2019)

"Salon Dream" (Dave Jamson for Meow Wolf, 2021)

A writeup on artist Kyle Singer's "Sa Lawn" installation.

Silent Hill 3 (dir. Kazuhide Nakazawa, 2003)

The themes and presentation of Silent Hill 3 are impeccable, and it certainly made me a little more excited about writing horror about inner conflict soon (though I wonder if I can ever come even close to pulling it off as well as the legendary series).

"Surreal Sculptures of Translucent Glass and Clay Explore the Body's Transformative Processes" (Grace Ebert for Colossal, 2020)

A writeup on artist Christina Bothwell's works.

This Is Pop ep. 1-8 (multiple directors, 2021)

Nothing wrong with accidentally watching over 5 hours of music documentaries in one night, right?

Unreal PT

I had to sit with Holly while they played this the other night, and it was pretty fun to tease them about being nervous until Lisa jumpscared us and I almost fell out of my chair. Anyway, while this remake misses a couple details from the original P.T. (I noticed there were no cockroaches, and one of the photo puzzle pieces was moved -- and to a less cool spot), it's an almost spot-on recreation of the excellent original game.

Decorative Beanie Baby Inch gif