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Policies Around My Work

You can create work based on mine as long as you're not a dick about it. I know this is a pretty fuzzy line -- just try to be courteous, provide credit when it feels necessary, and don't profit from my work. Please review my policies here, and feel free to ask me if you're not certain. I also reserve the right to request art that heavily derives from mine that I find objectionable for whatever reason be taken out of circulation. (Please let me know if you do make anything based on my work -- I'd love to see it!)

I'm open to having my work included or used in your projects -- please reach out to me and we can talk about it. Please review my policies here, and be aware that I reserve the right for my work to be removed.

Unacceptable Use

It is unacceptable to use my work in projects or create derivative works based on my work that fit into these categories:

Complicated Stuff

Here are some less cut-and-dried guidelines for using my work: