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My Work

Writing is and always has been my greatest calling. I am deeply passionate about the ways art and people interact -- the social contexts art is created in, reflects, addresses, and shapes, and what meaning it can have to our lives -- and this is my primary focus. However, I also write to work through and express my own experiences, contribute to art documentation and preservation efforts, and create meaningful, enriching narratives. I am highly influenced in my prose work by my background in poetry and abstract art, in my nonfiction work by my background in fantasy and science fiction, and in all things by my experiences with gender, sexuality, class, disability, neurodiversity, trauma, healing, and love, a desire to connect with others, and how deeply I have been affected by art in my life. I am also bolstered by the training I received as a journalism student at the University of Oregon, for which I now hold a bachelor of arts, and the media and music studies classes that I dove into while I was there.

In practice, this means I write media and cultural analysis and critique, personal essays, poetry, fiction, and blends of these approaches, as well as occasionally documenting works, artists, scenes, etc. I am familiar with and able to.

Featured Works

Golden Age Vocaloid Horror / Creepy / "Insane" Song Cultureoutgoing link

Ongoing on RateYourMusicoutgoing link — Documenting the horror / creepy / "insane" song subculture within Vocaloid culture in the late 2000s up to the mid 2010s.

Gordy.outgoing link

August 1, 2022 for Blue Backspaceoutgoing link — Analysis of Gordy's Home! scene in Nope (2022, dir. Jordan Peele).

The Thematic Dissonance and Cynicism of Supernatural's Finaleoutgoing link

April 19, 2021 for Blue Backspaceoutgoing link — Analysis and criticism of themes in the finale of Supernatural.

BITMYST *♡+:。ð///.。:†*♡outgoing link

(Formally ended in) Jan. 2021 on RateYourMusicoutgoing link — Documenting the then-developing hexd genre of hip hop, trance and ambient on Soundcloud.

In the Corner of the Whole World, a One-Two: What Wowaka's Work Meant to Meoutgoing link

April 10, 2019 for Blue Backspaceoutgoing link — Reflections on what Vocaloid producer wowaka's works meant to me, particularly "Rolling Girl" and "World's End Dancehall," in the wake of his death.

All Works

I write a lot, so it's pretty unwieldly to list all of my works. My work can be found here:

Blue Backspaceoutgoing link

An online writing space about arts and entertainment (primarily video games) and its surrounding online culture I founded in 2016 and run with my dear friend Quint Iverson. This is where I tend to write the serious stuff. (There are also some older articles I wrote there that didn't make the cut for the rebooted website. You can find them on the archived Blue Backspace Wix siteoutgoing link, if you're a completionist.)


A collaborative music database. I write reviewsoutgoing link (varying in formality), maintain listsoutgoing link documenting genres/scenes (and more), and write/edit genre definitionsoutgoing link for the database.

Goodreadsoutgoing link

Book cataloging database. I write reviews (varying in formality).

Letterboxdoutgoing link

Film cataloging social media platform. I write reviews (varying in formality).