unt. 20 / unt. 21

Digital. January 16, 2021.

Some messy phone pieces with a fun vibe. While I tend to go for more textured digital backgrounds, the smooth pencil tools of simple drawing programs offer their own unique appeal. The untilted, rectangular photos with sharp, clean edges and their own backgrounds are also not something I tend to incorporate often, but I do like their blockyness in contrast with the smooth digital strokes I used behind them. (I think they work better in unt. 21, though, since the backgrounds in unt. 20 are a bit busier.)

The image of my cat, Sailor, "standing" (in actuality it's a rotated image of him laying on his back) in unt. 20 really reminds me of Japanese woodblock art (I want to say Meiji and Edo Period, from my limited knowledge) of the bakeneko dancing (and doing other mischevious, strange things). I think it really lends to the playful vibe of the piece.

Full artwork of untitled 20 Full artwork untitled 21 Empty placeholder Empty placeholder Empty placeholder