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Digital. January 8, 2020.

From my Patreon post:

I used a photo I took in Puerto Vallarta years ago as a base. I originally intended to do some more technical stuff and was careful about erasing the rocks and doing partial erasure of underwater rocks. I wanted it took like the ocean was crashing onto a cloud "beach."

I decided against that though -- it just didn't feel right, and it's not really in my wheelhouse to Photoshop stuff that cleanly [...] I decided to go for a dreamy cloud-shaped beach of collaged snippets [from] a photo I took on the plane during that trip.

I wanted to add [a] church I saw on the trip on the horizon, so I tilted the top chunk of the photo, filled in some sea chunks with ocean snippets, added some space at the top of the photo, and started to fill in with a few snippets of the sky. I realized I liked some of the blank "transparent background texture," so I left it open and replicated it with a very basic screentone [...] I also added bits of photos I took of Neuschwanstein in 2016, banners in Mexico, and daisies at my parents' house.
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