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Mixed Media Commissions

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Traditional mixed media commissions are currently open! I will take one (1) slot at a time. Check my queue to see if I have any traditional commissions lined up already. If I don't, you can order one! Please note I cannot ship these outside the United States at this time.

Digital mixed media commissions are currently open! I will take three (3) slots are open at a time. Check my queue to see how many digital commissions I have lined up already. If I have less than three, you can order one!


Traditional piece on 11" x 14" (inches) poster board: $60 USD
Digital piece: $25 USD

Special requests for extra materials: If you make a special request for a certain material I don't have for your traditional piece, I may increase your total if it's expensive. (This will be arranged during our initial agreement if you ask then, or at the last-minute additions stage if you ask then, in which case I will send you another invoice.)


I reserve the right to my artwork, including the right to post on social media, upload to my gallery, etc.! However, you may post the art on your social media, decorate your profiles or pages with it, etc., as long as you credit me! Just leave a note somewhere that leads back to me.

If you'd like to use it in/with something else, for instance in your game or as album art, please discuss with me. I'll almost certainly say yes -- I'm more than happy to have my work used this way! I just like to know about it and how it's circulating.

However, you may not under any circumstances use my work in relation to NFTs or cryptocurrency.


  1. Basic arrangements

    Contact me via email (or, if we're mutuals on Twitter, you can DM me there, OR you can message me on Discord if we're friends there). Please be aware that I am disabled and busy, so I might not get back to you right away -- give me 2 to 3 business days to respond (it will likely not take this long, but just in case).

    Tell me what you want! You can provide me with information about what themes, colors, materials etc. you'd like me to use (or to specifically not use) and even give me a rough outline of what you'd like, if you have one! If you'd like to pick some digital materials yourself, make sure it's something I won't get in trouble for using -- your own art or photography, free images from sites like Pixabay, screenshots from games or anime, widely circulated memes, etc.

    I reserve the right to turn down a commission if I am not comfortable with the content, don't feel it's within my ballpark, etc.

  2. Payment

    If I agree to take on your commission, I'll send you a Paypal invoice for the piece. I'll begin once I receive payment.

  3. Material and composition planning

    Once I've received your payment, I'll begin gathering materials and roughly planning the piece. If these aren't to your liking, we can tweak these plans until you're satisfied with them. Make sure you like these! I cannot and will not make major changes after the piece is completed, and I won't issue refunds once you've approved the rough outline.

    Please also note that I may add or remove details and materials during the creative process in order to deliver the best piece.

  4. Piece creation

    I create the piece! This should be complete within 2 weeks (14 days) of you approving the rough plans.

  5. Minor last minute additions / changes

    I will check with you to see if you feel there's anything missing from the piece and make necessary additions. For digital pieces, I can make other minor changes -- moving things, removing stuff, etc.

  6. Scanning (traditional pieces only)

    I'll scan the piece for you and for my own archives.

  7. Sending out your piece

    I'll send you your commissioned piece! For digital pieces, I will send you a digital copy. For traditional pieces, I'll send both a digital copy and the actual piece.
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