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Writing about art and culture is my greatest calling. I'm really passionate about the ways art and people shape each other -- the social contexts art is created in, reflects, addresses and shapes, and what meaning art can have to us as people -- and sharing those thoughts with others through the medium I love. Media preservation is also particularly dear to me because of how highly I view art, and I love being able to document and preserve things that way, too.

In practice, this means I write cultural analysis and critique, media analysis and critique, various forms of documentation on works and scenes, features, personal essays about experiences with art, and more.

(I actually got my start writing original sci fi and fantasy! It's not something I've written in a while, but I've contemplated returning to it.)

Selected Works

Through a Million Distorted Mirrors: Vaporwave as a Lens to Online Culture's Ambiguous Politics*

A cultural analysis of vaporwave, how it reflects wider internet culture, and what we can learn from it. Presented at the virtual American Musicological Society Pacific Northwest Chapter Meeting 2020, "Through A Million Distored Mirrors" is my most important and ambitious work in culture writing thus far, analyzing a still-emerging art scene in connection with wider culture to understand sociocultural shifts – and some of the pressing issues they’ve resulted in.

In The Corner of the Whole World, a One-Two: What Wowaka's Work Meant to Me

A personal essay about how the work of Vocaloid producer Wowaka impacted me as a vulnerable teenager, written in the wake of his death. This piece demonstrates the heart of my passion, the profound relationship between art and people, at a very personal level.

Golden Age Vocaloid Horror / Creepy / "Insane" Song Culture**

Documentation of a past subculture, including personal insights, comments from former members of the community, notable works, etc. This list demonstrates my love for the development of scenes and documentation of culture.

Piracy, Preservation, Polarity: Over-Regulation of ROMs Could Damage Video Games in the End

An opinion essay about the impacts of piracy and anti-piracy efforts on video games as a medium and their preservation. “Privacy, Preservation, Polarity” connects the importance of art to people to one of my goals, preservation, and demonstrates my skill with the essay format.

* Not yet published, but available for review upon request. ** Work in progress.


You can find a full list of my writing work here!