Review: Bonk (You Got Bonked) / Wrong Way

May 20, 2020 on RateYourMusic.
Release: Bonk (You Got Bonked) / Wrong Way (Starship Amazing, 2011)

To my best friend,

Back when we were in high school, shit was hard. Fuck. Really, really hard. For both of us. But, god, and, it's because I had you in my life, there for me even when I became a hollowed out scared little animal, I made it out somehow. You did, too. I thank everything out there every day that you did. You are one of the most treasured people in my life. I would do anything for you.

Listen. I love "Bonk (You Got Bonked)" so much. I know, I know, Ruby Dagger is the best, and it's the first Starship Amazing thing I picked up from you, too. But "Bonk" reminds me of your high school creative projects, that passion and creativity you carried and still carry even with so much shit going on around you, and how strong you are even though you don't know it. It reminds me of the hours and hours of wonderful memories, of happiness, you've given me and how you make me smile and how you are part of what makes my life worth living and how lucky I am to still be your friend something like... God, six years later? Or something like that? Wow.

I love you a lot. I know it's weird to say that kinda thing sometimes so never feel pressure to say it back -- but you don't have to, anyway, because I know you love me, too. Even though I get really sappy sometimes.

I'm gonna hug you really tight when I get to see you next, okay?

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