Review: 炉心融解

May 11, 2020 on RateYourMusic.
Release: "Meltdown" (iroha(sasaki), 2008)

The "golden age" of Vocaloid may be over, and many of its classic works have likely become little more than faded nostalgia for many of that era's now-grown fans. But there are a few gems that stand the test of time as excellent pieces of music (perhaps even better than we remember, since most of us were just kids enamored with the whole concept and less critical of the music). "Meltdown" is one of them.

Iroha(sasaki) demonstrates an absolute mastery of Rin's vocals here. He doesn't bring her to the levels of realism that might be found in other Vocaloid works, but I don't think that's what makes a vocalsynth producer or their work good, anyway. It's the emotion. Even if you don't understand her lyrics, her emotions are clear and palpable. You can feel how much her heart hurts. And that beautiful, lush, throbbing, anxious production underneath her voice, and the moments of melancholic tranquility, of reflection, of beauty...

I will always believe "Meltdown" is one of the best Vocaloid songs ever created, and that's something I can say firmly without any kind of "but also I have nostalgia so take it with a grain of salt" disclaimer attached. It's simply that good.

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