Review: ななみっくす! -NanaMix-

June 8, 2021 on RateYourMusic.
Release: ななみっくす! -NanaMix- (Nanahira, 2012)

When I first put on ななみっくす! -NanaMix-, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that particular charming, slightly-robotic, slightly-blocky vocalsynth timbre over Nanahira's iconic voice. Somehow I had never stumbled across Nana Haruka, the UTAU voiced by the queen of modern moe-denpa. What a fun way to find out! But I was even more delighted when Nanahira's natural vocals kicked in to sing along with Nana. Collabing with your UTAU is such a fun concept, especially for an already-fun little denpa EP, and the slight differences in timbre create such cool textures (and highlight the unique, intriguing way the voicebank creation process slightly alters the character of a vocal no matter how faithfully performed its samples are). Such a treat.

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