Review: ⭒☆━ɴᴇᴏ④②⓪ᴋᴇɪ━☆⭒

January 6, 2021 on RateYourMusic.
Release: NEO420KEI (C/id, 2021)

⭒☆-NEO420KEI-☆⭒ eschews the hip hop, electronic dance music and ambient forms hexd usually takes, instead bitcrushing sunny Shibuya-kei. The result isn't just interesting -- it's also extremely fun! Just the right amount of detail left uncrushed to feel the summer sun. Just the right of amount of audio-pixelation to add a blocky bounce and a unique playfulness. A nice little mix to make you smile.

RYM review notes: Full disclosure: I'm friends with the person that made this :)

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