Review: Stuck in a Rom-Com

January 22, 2020 on RateYourMusic.
Release: Stuck in a Rom-Com (D-Real [愛], 2019)

The beats in Stuck in a Rom-Com are solid and smooth, and that makes it even more unfortunate that everything piled on top of them is so subpar. With extended clips of anime monologue shoved in seemingly at random, off delivery of lines that include -- on several, unfortunate occasions -- serious, emotional uses of the word "waifu," and a track dedicated to the rapper pining for his "Geisha girl" (Jesus Christ, dude), most of this album falls very flat. It almost feels like the last two tracks got there by accident or some divine act of pity; though "Disco Night" features a short segment of the same unpleasant rapping the rest of the album suffers from, its driving future funky energy makes things right, and the spacey bliss of "Until Next Time..." is totally unfettered.

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