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Tears of the Kingdom

(Last Minute Writeup)

Quick last-minute writeup on my pre-release thoughts on Tears of the Kingdom. (This post will not discuss content from leaks.)

Latest iteration: May 7, 2023

Archive date: May 11, 2023

Arvhie reason: Game was released.

What's Come Out Recently?

Since I wrote last, a lot has come out about Tears of the Kingdom:

I've purposely avoided previews (though I've come into contact with a few small details through my partner and the odd stray post) and, of course, the leaks, since I want to go in not knowing too much. (It's much more fun that way, I think!)

Zonai Stuff Confirmed?

This is a little thing, but I wanted to give it its own section since the fandom focus (and my focus) on the Zonai during the TOTK hype cycle has been so notable. We got confirmation in the gameplay video that the magic is Zonai in nature, as one of the constructs powered by that magic drops a "Zonai Charge" containing that energy. (outgoing link)

When Is The Game Set?

We have a few reasons to believe TOTK is set a few years after BOTW based on the final trailer:

What's Going on With Ganondorf?

This is the question to me. Some details from the trailer and official materials that stand out to me in relation to Ganondorf:

And here are some ideas about what might be going on based on these details:

Anything Else?