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"A Brief History of Homestuck"(outgoing link) (Sarah Z, 2021)

A history of the most impactful fandom of the 2010s.

format: video essaytags: fandom culture tumblr

"Chronicles of a Black Lolita" part one(outgoing link) and two(outgoing link) (Saxon Blues, 2019)

Articles with tips on coord colors and hair styling for Black lolitas.

format: tutorial blog posttags: fashion j-fashion lolita

"Fandom's Biggest Controversy: The Story of Proshippers vs Antis"(outgoing link) (Sarah Z, 2021)

Breakdown of the contentious fandom topic and long-standing subject of academic debate of representations of "taboo" topics in fiction.

format: video essaytags: fandom culture fiction vs. reality shipping

"For Amusement Only: The Life and Death of the American Arcade"(outgoing link) (Laura Jane, 2013)

What it says on the tin: the development and decline of American arcades.

format: articletags: arcade culture video games

"Game Design as Narrative Architecture"(outgoing link) (Henry Jenkins, 2003)

Video game-centered examination of spatial/environmental storytelling, enacted storytelling (gameplay), embedded narrative and emergent narrative (player-generated narrative).

format: essaytags: video games writing

GifCities(outgoing link)

Searchable database of images on archived Geocities pages.

format: specialized image search enginetags: internet old web

"The History of the Gyaru" part one(outgoing link), two(outgoing link) and three(outgoing link) (W. David Marx for Neojaponisme, 2012)

An in-depth look at the history of the gyaru style.

format: articletags: fashion gyaru j-fashion

Lolibrary(outgoing link)

A searchable database of lolita items.

format: searchable databasetags: fashion j-fashion lolita link)

Archive of Geocities pages.

format: specialized web archivetags: internet old web

"The Phenomenon of Tumblr Sexymen"(outgoing link) (Izzzyzzz, 2021)

Breakdown of a 2010s Tumblr phenomenon.

format: video essaytags: fandom culture tumblr

"So You Think You're the Main Character"(outgoing link) (Amy Zimmerman for Electric Literature, 2021)

On the fuzzy borders of autofiction in the information age.

format: essayfiction vs. reality internet writing

"The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction"(outgoing link) (Walter Benjamin, 1935)

Frankfurt School associate Benjamin's influential essay on the "aura" of art and the impact of the industrial revolution and mechanical reproduction on art. Read carefully; it's common to misread this essay as a criticism of mechanical reproduction and the destruction of "aura" on first read, but a closer read reveals that Benjamin is quite optimistic about what art can be used for when removed from its "aura" -- including revolution against industrial capitalism. However, it can also be used for fascist purposes.

format: essaytags: art and sociopolitics derivative and transformative works