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Welcome to the library, a page of curated content I recommend on all kinds of topics.

Click the links below to filter library items by topic. The selected section will stay underlined so you know where you are. If the sorting script doesn't work, you can just search [name of section] (with the brackets) with Ctrl+F, Cmnd+F or your browser's "find" or "find in page" option to find things in that section!

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These are sections for more topic-specific stuff (analyses, lore, wikis, collection websites, archives, programs, etc.). Some items listed at these more specific pages may be duplicated from this main library page for completeness.

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"FOLI (there is no movement without rhythm)" (Thomas Roebers and Floris Leeuwenberg, 2010)

Short film celebrating rhythm and its centrality to life, featuring the Malinke people in their Guinea, Africa village, Baro.

[films] [video][art, storytelling and media] [music]

"Golden Age Vocaloid Horror / Creepy / "Insane" Song Culture" (Jillian Caulfield, ongoing)

Note: This is my work.

An ongoing project to document the creepy song scene within the golden age of Vocaloid with a list of works and commentary from me and others from the vocalsynth community.

[data and lists] [writing][art, storytelling and media] [doujin and related Japanese scenes] [fandom culture] [music] [Vocaloid and vocalsynth culture]

Ian's Nerdcore Encylopedia (Ian Willett-Jacob, 2018)

An incredible resource on the nerdcore techno scene with profiles, a huge list of releases, event flyers, history and more from someone who has worked closely within the scene.

[books] [data and lists] [writing][art, storytelling and media] [doujin and related Japanese scenes] [music] [nerdcore techno]

Otherkin Timeline: The Recent History of Elfin, Fae, and Animal People or its abridged version (Orion Scribner, 2012)

Comprehensive history of the concept of otherkin and therianthropes (most commonly referred to as "kin" and "therians" on the modern internet). This certainly isn't completely up to date, though -- I would argue that "kinnie" culture has changed rapidly in the near-decade since this project was last updated.

[books] [data and lists] [writing][alterhumanity] [philosophy and spirituality] [self and identity]

Raves and Riots (Vinca Peterson, 1990-2004, featured at Edel Assanti, 2021) and related coverage

Gallery exhibition of photos from the rarely-photographed free party movement. Includes a video interview with Peterson! Selected articles about this exhibit with further insight at DJ Mag, FAD Magazine and Huckmag.

[essays and articles] [photography] [video] [websites and interactive webpages] [writing][art, storytelling and media] [music] [rave culture] [sociopolitics]

"A Timeline of the Fictionkin Community" (House of Chimeras, 2021)

Breakdown of the history of fictionkin, a subgroup or offshoot (depending who you ask) of the otherkin community that seems to be what comes to mind when the term "kin" is used outside of otherkin communities these days but has a shorter and less formally documented history than the broader community.

[books] [data and lists] [writing][alterhumanity] [art, storytelling and media] [fandom culture] [fiction and reality] [philosophy and spirituality] [self and identity]

Tony Davis Archive

Collection of Tony Davis's photos from the rave scene (though you'll unfortunately have to create an Instagram account to see everything). Some selected shots and commentary from the photographer here, here and here.

[art, storytelling and media] [music] [photography] [rave culture]

"Tumblr's $6000 Scam: The Story of All or Nothing" (Sarah Z, 2021)

Breakdown of an infamous Tumblr Kickstarter, illustrating a wider trend on the platform in the 2010s.

[art, storytelling and media] [fandom culture]

"Tumblr's Failed Convention: The Story of Dashcon" (Sarah Z, 2020)

Breakdown of Dashcon, an infamous Tumblr event in 2014 that marked the end of an era on the influential platform.

[art, storytelling and media] [fandom culture]

"Tumblr's Strangest Obsession: A History of the Onceler Fandom" (Sarah Z, 2020)

Breakdown of a massive and bizarre fandom that marked 2010s Tumblr culture.

[art, storytelling and media] [fandom culture] [shipping]

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