Tears of the Kingdom

Sky Tablets

A resource transcribing and translating the sky tablets from Tears of the Kingdom.

Translations here are informed by my background as a native (modern, American) English speaker and a roughly intermediate (modern high) German speaker. I use Wiktionary (outgoing link) and have referred to this Reddit discussion (outgoing link) for clues.

The order assigned to the tablets corresponds with their place in Wortsworth's research space, starting with the first tablet you're able to translate (which you can read by viewing the painting), and then jumping to the right-most scroll on the southeastern wall, and then moving counterclockwise from there.

Last updated: June 26, 2023

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Lookout Landing Tablet

This untitled tablet is found at Lookout Landing. It's the first one you're able to translate.

Original Text

My Translation


Ones held y honore als hochmayde to kyng Rauru ond quen Sonia, thaerafter to his suster ond to princesse Zelda.

Once I honorably held the title of high maid to King Rauru and Queen Sonia, [and] thereafter to his sister and to Princess Zelda.

held: to derive right or title (source (outgoing link))

Her on thaes grete stan ond twelf mo withalle make y endite min time with the roial familie.

Here on this great stone and with twelve more in addition I make [to] write [about] my time with the royal family.

withalle: together, in addition, "with this" (source (outgoing link))

endite: to write, inscribe, compose (source (outgoing link))

So michte heore remembraunce preserven for the sake of hem on whom oure hope raeste.

So here can rememberance be preserved for the sake of them on whom our hope rests.

michte: to be able to (source (outgoing link))

Account of a Celebration

Original Text

My Translation


So swete the song of kyng Rauru, ond so grete the beaute of his susteres daunce, that wer min eies ond eres captif.

So sweet the song of King Rauru, and so great the beauty of his sister's dance, that my eyes and ears were captive.


Ond so hende quen Sonias gasen on us alle, so felt y min here als captif fallen.

And so gracious [was] Queen Sonia's gaze on us all, so [that] I felt my heart fall captive.

hende: gracious, courteous, kind (source 1 (outgoing link), 2 (outgoing link))

here: unclear; guess based on context

Seruantes lyf, tho moche laboursum, han moche jolitee as welle. Longe be the lyf of the roial familie thaere y love so.

Servants' life, though much laborsome, has much jollity as well. Long be the life of the royal family that I love so.


The Strong Queen and the Receptive King

Original Text

My Translation


Sonia, quen to Hyrules kyng, bi birthe Hylian preeseterresse, hirself yborn of londe, nat of skie aboven.

Sonia, queen to Hyrule's king, by birth a Hylian priestess, herself was born on land, not of sky above.


Speken she with open herte, eornest to alle, euen even to the Zonais kyng.

Spoke she with an open heart, ernest to all, even openly to the Zonai's king.

euen: smoothly, impartially (1 (outgoing link), 2 (outgoing link))

This kyng ythinke it gode aventure so to lerne of the londes folke. To sen his hed ybent to listenen is swich pleasaunce.

This king thought it a good chance to learn of the land's folk. To see his head bent to listen is such [a] pleasure.

aventure: chance, experience, event (source (outgoing link))

pleasaunce: pleasure, delight (source (outgoing link))

The Harmonious Couple

Original Text

My Translation


Oft wys Rauru, kyng of kene blade, weyve his werk real in faver of the hunte.

Oft wise Rauru, king of keen blade, avoids his real work in favor of the hunt.

weyve: to avoid (source (outgoing link))

Ond oft queynte Sonia, quene of kene insight, seke out him and repaire this kyng to kynghly besynesse.

And oft intelligent/amazing Sonia, queen of keen insight, seeks him out and returns this king to kingly business.

queynte: intelligent, sophisticated, cunning; amazing; related to witchcraft or the paranormal (source (outgoing link))

repaire: to return to source (outgoing link))

In hir sapience semes she divin, that she cunne him ever finde and for hes folly semes him the mor humain.

In her wisdom she seems divine, that she can always find him[,] and for his folly he seems the more human.

sapience: wisdom (source (outgoing link))

Ond the kyng? O, he laughe. Nat him hir equal for hir wit, he kunne. Ond the quen, she laughe to, als even she scolden.

And the king? Oh, he laughs. He is not her equal for her wit, he knows. And the queen, she laughs too, even as she scolds.

kunne: unclear; guess based on context and similarity to "kennen" (to know)

A Pilgrimage of Light

Original Text

My Translation


The kyng was late y-come this aven, so maked the quene to sharen tales of hir lond, of shrines al grene yglouen.

The king was late to come this evening, so the queen made to share tales of her land, of shrines glowing all green.


Of erli daies sinnes Hyrules funding have diverse monstres hir reaume biseged ond assayllede.

Of early days since Hyrule's founding have diverse monsters her realm besieged and assailed.

reaume: realm (source (outgoing link))

Uncesinge in striff, thei broughte to despeir folkes lyfen. Kyng ond quen ysete thamselue to bringen scurge to ende.

Unceasing in strife, they brought people's lives to despair. [The] king and queen set themselve to bring [the] scourge to [an] end.

"thei broughte to despeir folkes lyfen" could also be "they brought despair to people's lives"

With might of light ond pouere, driven abak ybeen, ond the roial couple made thes shirines to selen hem awei.

With might of light and power, they were driven back, and the royal couple made these shrines to seal them away.


These holi selen ben yclept Shirines of Light.

These holy seals were called Shrines of Light.

yclept: to be named or called (source (outgoing link))

Gret kyng, grete quen, y thank ye. Ye foughte whan y wer maiden-child, that y kude pes toknouen.

Great king, great queen, I thank you. You fought when I was [a] maiden-child, [so] that I could know peace.


The Researcher Mineru

Original Text

My Translation


Queynte Mineru, the kynges elder suster, falles so dep in hir bokes swich that she oft foryetes to eten.

Intelligent Mineru, the king's elder sister, falls so deep in her books such that she oft forgets to eat.

queynte: intelligent, sophisticated, cunning; amazing; related to witchcraft or the paranormal (source (outgoing link))

In min wieried wei don y what much y con, but y fer haven that it ben litel avail.

In my worried way I do what much I can, but even with that it's been little avail.

wieried: unclear; guess based on context

"y fer haven that" is probably more literally "I for having that"

Of late treteth she of 'constructes,' thinges did she make with hir hondes as vessel for spirit whan bodi-lich failen.

Of late she speaks of 'constructs,' things she made with her hands as vessels for spirits when the body fails.

treteth: unclear; could mean "to tread" (source (outgoing link)) but more likely to discuss or cover in her work

So, seyde she, micht she liven longe, in spiret yhused within this 'construct.'

So, she said, she might live long, in spirit housed within this 'construct.'


Though Mineru ne semes to holden ani deceyte... Bi my feith, y kan nat als trouthe thes wordes bileven.

Though Mineru does not seem to hold any deceit... By my faith, I cannot believe these words as truth.


The Foreign Princess

Original Text

My Translation


Ful fyn is the weder this morn, ond have y audience with theos princes seyd ben kin bi fer distaunt yeres to quene Sonia.

Very fine is the weather this morning, and I have audience with this princess said to be kin by for distant years to Queen Sonia.

ful: very, much (source (outgoing link))

Bi gras has she been given a name most swete, of Zelda she ben yclept.

By grace has she been given a name most sweet, Zelda she is called.

yclept: to be named or called (source (outgoing link))

In certain folk stered suspecioun, for straunge wer hir garnementes ond sodein wer her apaurance.

In certain folk stirred suspicion, for strange were her garments and so sudden was her appearance.

sodein: sudden (source 1 (outgoing link), 2 (outgoing link))

Yet wolde hir contenonce ond bering maked proof of hir right blod and bond to quene Sonia.

Yet would her countenance and bearing make proof of her right blood and bond to Queen Sonia.


Als be Zelda to remainen for a wile with us, y wil mi-self als hochmayde offre ekein hir servis.

As Zelda is to remain for a while with us, I will offer myself as high maid for her service.

ekein: unclear; guess based on context

The Free-Spirited Zelda

Original Text

My Translation


Princesse Zelda recent comes to sen Mineru, the kynges elder suster. I com eck, for hir to seruen.

Princess Zelda recently comes to Mineru, the king's elder sister. I come with, to serve her.

eck: unclear; guess based on context

Todai cam hit ipassen that Mineru sheued to Zelda construct althergrettest y hav ysen.

Today it came to pass that Mineru showed to Zelda [a] construct the greatest of all I have ever seen.


Zelda, she much desired on hit to riden, ond ne conne nat y seien coust hir stoppen. Though I dyde protesten. Loudli.

Zelda, she much desired to ride on it, and nothing I said could stop her. Though I did protest. Loudly.

"ne" and "nat" would make a double negative in modern English, but not in Middle English (source (outgoing link))

Neuer the lesse she made to sitten heighe upon the constructes sculdres ond to riden like an hors, al ful of grace.

Never the less she made to sit high upon the construct's shoulders and to ride [it] like a horse, all full of grace.


Min lausion, so gaunt alredy, dyde grouen al the more.

My impression, so great already, did grow all the more.

lausion: unclear; guess based on context and closeness to "liaison"; something related to relationships (source (outgoing link))

gaunt: great, noble (source 1 (outgoing link), 2 (outgoing link))

The Latest Trend

Original Text

My Translation


Facioun nou faverth garnementes adourned with muscheron patrons, ond fer ond wid beon thei wern.

Fashion now favors garments adorned with mushroom patterns, and far and wide are they worn.

This tast for mucheron com of the casteles seamestre, who sogte to seuen clethes for princesse Zelda to pleasen.

This taste for mushrooms comes from the castle's seamstress, who sought to sew clothes for Princess Zelda.


This facioun, Zelda telled to the seamestre, weare in hir treu hom wel loved.

This fashion, Zelda told the seamstress, was in her true home well loved.


In hir time werd everichon patrons of bright hewes, in the shap of mucheron.

In her time wore everyone patterns of bright hues, in the shape of mushrooms.

everichon: everyone (source (outgoing link))

Anou our hende seamestre set herte on thes patrons copien, which sele to mani happi persoune.

Now our handy seamstress set [her] heart on copying these patterns, which [she] sells to may happy people.


Y seche after som for min one but ne coude nat an on yfinden.

I seek after some for my own but could not find one.

"ne" and "nat" would make a double negative in modern English, but not in Middle English (source (outgoing link))

An Ancient Ghost Story

Original Text

My Translation


Of late have y herd it told a straunge ladi walkes around the castel in derk of night.

Of late have I heard it told a strange lady walks around the castle in dark of night.


She ond princesse Zelda semes als twinnes two, but this on nadda ne light in hir eien – mor als a ded thing that not.

She and Princess Zelda seem like two twins, but this one [has] no light in her eyes - more like a dead thing than not.

nadda: not (source (outgoing link))

"nadda" and "ne" would make a double negative in modern English, but not in Middle English (source (outgoing link))

Whan she is asked about thes walkes, princesse Zelda of that ben no-thing remembren.

When she is asked about these walks, Princess Zelda remembers nothing of that.


What monstre, or spirit of derknesse, be this visioun? So afeard y am of min imagenninges that y con nat slepen.

What monster, or spirit of darkness, be this vision? So afraid I am of my imaginings that I can not sleep.


For the Hero's Sake

Original Text

My Translation


Sith hire founding has Hyrule swich hardshippe ysene, but that is onli smale moment of time.

Since her founding has Hyrule such hardship seen, but that is only [a] small moment of time.


Mineru, the kynges elder suster, seyes of this kyngdom that hit ne mot nat awaren aye be ycaccht, nat evenforth fer futur.

Mineru, the king's elder sister, says of this kingdom that it must not ever be caught unaware, not even in the future.

ycaccht: to be caught (source (outgoing link))

Princesse Zelda tells hire that this futur be wrat alredi, that a champioun bith from the skie comen.

Princess Zelda tells her that this future is written already, that a champion born from the sky is coming.


Bitwene the two, thei imaked to finden a wei this champioun in that distaunt time to helpen.

Between the two, they made to find a way to help this champion in that distant time.


Her min treuthe, sogte thei to up-reisen the Temple of Time, into the skie to warden hit onyenes ivil.

[As] her main goal, they sought to raise up the Temple of Time, into the sky to ward it against evil.

treuthe: loyalty to a cause; honor; oath (source (outgoing link))

onyenes: unclear; guess based on context

Al dyden so in fer distaunt dai, our kingdom mighte be safed.

All done so in the distant day, our kingdom might be safe.

"safe" could also be "saved"

In min herte y woot y helpen mot, ond y asked of Mineru, canst yow devyse the menes to upreisen int he skie thaes stane.

In my heart I know I must help, and I asked of Mineru, can you devise the means to raise up in the sky this stone.

woot: to know (source (outgoing link))

Min wordes iseie nat enow, but thei thaes memorie safen, of the roial familie, heigh in the skie for that future time.

My words are not enough, but they save these memories, of the royal family, high in the sky for that future time.


The Day the Land Rose

Original Text

My Translation


Swich wondrous sight y hav bihelden that ne con hit nat justli be described.

Such [a] wonderous sight I have beheld that can not justly be described.


The Temple of Time y sawe, ond al londe yheld it, reisen to the skie, both ferful ond majestatic.

The Temple of Time I saw, and all [the] land that held it, risen to the sky, both fearful and majestic.


As princesse Zelda itold mi, in fer distaunt future comes a champioun to that place, the hope that Hyrule safen.

As Princess Zelda tells me, in the distant future comes a champion to that place, [in] the hope to save Hyrule.


For that champioun be hit that y these grete stane inscriben.

For that champion it be that I inscribe these great stones.


The kynges elder suster, Mineru, sendes nou these stane to the skie, that the champioun mought hem ireden.

The king's elder sister, Mineru, sends now these stones to the sky, that the champion might read them.

A Parting Resolve

Original Text

My Translation


Rauru, Hyrules kyng. Sonia, hir quen. His elder suster, Mineru. Ond eek princesse Zelda.

Rauru, Hyrule's king. Sonia, her queen. His elder sister, Mineru. And also Princess Zelda.

eek: also (source (outgoing link))

Al whom y served, ond loved. Al whom thurghgon. Alon kerv y thes wordes upon this stan.

All whom I served, and loved. All whom [are] gone. Alone I carve these words upon this stone.


This stan, ond al thirtene, serven als roial families recorde, min werk final, ful-wroht for al age.

This stone, and all thirteen, serve as [the] royal family's records, my final work, fully written for all time.


Mani the mark made bi thes much biloved peoples - som eth-sene, som unsene.

Many the marks made by these much beloved peoples - some seen, some unseen.

eth: unclear; guess based on context

Whan y make remembraunce of hir markes, fele y flaume of hope, though ful small, within mi.

When I make remembrance of their marks, I feel [a] flame of hope, though very small, within me.

ful: very, much (source (outgoing link))

Hit be als though thes markes som graunt design describen.

It is as though these marks describe some grand design.


I ne con nat met princesse Zelda hir lov for hir londe. What mor than, ask y, can y do for Hyrules peples.

I can not measure Princess Zelda's love for her land. What more then, I ask, can I do for Hyrule's people.

"ne" and "nat" would make a double negative in modern English, but not in Middle English (source (outgoing link))

met: to measure (source (outgoing link))

Let min lyf lede mi fro hennes-forth an answere ful-worthi to this questioun.

Let my life lead me henceforth for an answer worthy to this question.