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My Fursona

pink sweets-themed anthro bunny with antlers


Design notes:

I'm only very casually involved in the furry fandom, following artists and musicians that catch my eye and collecting art of my fursona here and there. It's fun to have a little critter version of yourself!


Squishmallow-themed commission by BirdieBeanz(outgoing link) (July 2022)

Gifted commission drawn by juno99yk(outgoing link), paid for by Yuri (Dec. 2021)

Gift art from TrashPoison(outgoing link) (May 2021)

Commission from Pawberry(outgoing link) (April 2021)

Reference I filled in using a base by CrayCafe(outgoing link) (March 2021)

Reference I filled in using a base by PaleCradle(outgoing link) (Aug. 2020)

Old Fursona

scarred but smiling mint anthro bunny

I actually designed my first fursona in November 2015, but didn't do anything with them (this is the only image of them). I still like having them around, though, even if I don't use them. They can be seen as a representation of my younger self and the hard times they got through.


Design notes:

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