About Me

Hi! I'm Jillian. I'm a 23 year old gendersilly (nonbinary(outgoing link)) butch dyke lesbian, arts and culture writer, and disabled white leftist from the Eugene, Oregon area (occupied(outgoing link) Kalapuya land(outgoing link)). I have a ton of interests, but my biggest interests are writing, Legend of Zelda, music, media studies, mixed media, and toys and plushies. I've been with my wonderful partner Yuri since May 29, 2016!

Preferred Language

My pronouns are they/them(outgoing link) and ae/aer(outgoing link), and friends and family may also use she or he.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If you're a lesbian, why do you identify as nonbinary, use he/him, etc.?
A: It's complicated.(outgoing link)

Q: What pronouns do you use in other languages?
A: Feminine or non-dehumanising gender neutral pronouns.


Jill no offense but you're the epitome of that comic of the really cute girl listening to her headphones then it turns out its shit like Pantera
 - Aalto

you have the same vibes as the triforce shirt cargo shorts kid in middle school who you just knew wasn't cishet
 - Erika

the only [Panty & Stocking] fan i respect
 - Erika