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I owe an enormous debt to the users of GeoCities and other old-web sites that displayed not just incredible and inspiring personal expression, but also enormous optimism about what the internet could do, something the modern internet -- with big tech's algorithms and the ways they've encouraged toxic behaviors (towards others and ourselves) and extreme radicalization, stripped as much personal style as possible from platforms, and largely tried to control how we use the web and thus how we engage with the world and each other in the name of profit -- had almost sucked out of me.

And of course, a huge thank you to the Internet Archiveoutgoing link for keeping all that wonder alive. Thank you to W3Schoolsoutgoing link for providing the information people like me need to take it back. Thank you to Neocitiesoutgoing link -- the folks behind it and the folks on it -- for fighting for it.

The web is still ours. We can still make it what we want it to be!


RVoutgoing link:

W.S. Toh at Code Boxxoutgoing link:

W3Schools How-Tosoutgoing link:

CSS Stylings

Miss Mossoutgoing link:


appi at Fairy Taleoutgoing link:

Haruhiko Mikimoto:

  • zelda/illustration1.png (June 1986 vol. of Newtype magazine)
    anime-styled illustration of classic Link with a sword and cross shield
  • zelda/illustration2.png (June 1986 vol. of Newtype magazine)
    anime-styled illustration of classic Link with Zelda clinging to him

History of Hyruleoutgoing link:

Joanne W. on GeoCitiesoutgoing link:

kennykhk on GeoCitiesoutgoing link:

mami at SUGAR PINKoutgoing link:

  • deco.gif
    pretty dangly decoration with bows, moons and stars

Million Publishing's Legend of Zelda strategy guide:


Zelda Dungeon Wikioutgoing link:

triforce-princessoutgoing link:

まぐろ at FOOL LOVERSoutgoing link:

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Other images on this site, which are not mentioned here or created by me, are (or should all be) unedited screenshots, renders, spirites or packaging from games, films, official trailers etc., sourced from wiki, database and reporting websites. (Sources should be clear from context.)