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My Friends & Their Work

Absolutely Perfect Specimen(outgoing link)

The latest visual novel from my wife and her partner and a VN Cup 2(outgoing link) honorable mention, "Absolutely Perfect Specimen is a horror-yuri visual novel about the android maid Pan and her master Dr. Amy G Dala. Follow Pan over the course of a year as she struggles with insatiable hunger and bizarre dysphoria, all while discovering her past and grappling with her dark future." Buy or download it for free on link) (and check out my review(outgoing link))!

User Unknwn(outgoing link)

"Delve into the depth of psp homebrew in this Neo-pregnancy thriller" — my friend Xander's visual novel, User Unknwn, follows Sami, "a lonely they/them who finds a mysterious piece of Playstation Portable homebrew that seemingly allows them to change their appearance." Buy or download it for free on link)!

Feral Audacity!!!(outgoing link)

My best friend Quint's short film FERAL AUDACITY!!!, "a coming-of-age short about furries" and moving information age LGBT love story. Watch the trailer(outgoing link) and the full film(outgoing link) free on YouTube!

i'd look better with angel wings(outgoing link)

My wife's first visual novel, i'd look better with angel wings, in which "A shut-in finds themselves presented with the opportunity to transcend their humanity." Buy or download it for free on link)!

History of Hyrule(outgoing link)